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Scituate and Burrillville Chiropractic Center

Dr. Jeff Reed and Dr. Michael O’Keefe Welcome You to
“My RI”

Hello, My name is Dr. Reed and I am very glad you found, “My RI”! There’s lots of good information that can benefit you here.

You are probably looking to select a chiropractor. However, there are many choices out there! Here are five things to look for when choosing your chiropractor…

Five Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Chiropractor:

  1. You should insist that they respect your time as valuable. We strive for wait times of less than 10 minutes and only on rare occasion or in an emergency will wait times be longer. After all, isn’t your time just as valuable as your doctors?
  2. You should insist on years of practical experience. The average chiropractor nationally has treated 689 patients. However, Dr. Reed and Dr. O’Keefe have treated over 7,000 chronic back pain cases to date which is almost 10 times more than the average chiropractor.
  3. You should insist that your chiropractor offers a satisfaction guarantee. Most won’t because they aren’t confident in their services. We are. Just how confident are we? We can’t guarantee your results, but we can guarantee your complete satisfaction in the way you’ve been treated. If at any time during your treatment you feel like you haven’t been treated like a V.I.P., tell me and we’ll work to make it right.
  4. You should insist that your doctor listens to you. Many offices in Rhode Island are full of doctors unwilling to fully listen to their patients’ complaints. Hurried doctors and frantic staff are more common place than ever before. Listening to patients should be paramount to any practice…don’t settle for less.
  5. You should insist that your chiropractor offer a no-pressure, affordable way to seek treatment. Many will suggest extended treatment plans lasting 6 months or more. We believe in a more affordable and conservative approach to treatment. We offer multiple payment plans (if necessary) that put our treatment plans within reach of every type of budget.

Please take your time and explore our website.

There’s information on myself and my associate Dr. Michael O’Keefe,
what to expect at your first visit to Scituate and Burrillville Chiropractic
, our techniques, on-line paperwork, our special offer and much
more. You will also find information on various chiropractic-related
issues, and there are many more articles available if you become
a website member. There are also special sections on how our
Scituate and Burrillville offices help people in Rhode Island
with relief from pain, enhanced sports performance, acute
injuries, chronic injuries, musculoskeletal pain, normal
spinal function and posture, proper nervous system
function, optimal nutrition and good health.

Ready to make an appointment? Give
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